Petroleum bitumen

Petroleum bitumen is a complex binding mixture composed of carbon, hydrogen and various sulfur compounds. This material has thermal plasticity due to the high content of mineral oils. Sulfur-containing and oxygen-containing resins provide this substance with excellent adhesion properties. Oil bitumen can be divided into two groups: natural and manufactured. Bitumen has a dense non-porous structure, so it easily withstands low temperatures and has high resistance to water. When heated, oil bitumen becomes more viscous and liquefies, and when temperature decreases, the material returns to the solid state. Softened bitumen can be easily mixed with a variety of construction materials. It firmly bonds them together in the process of hardening and creates a durable connection.

We offer three main kinds of bitumen:

Paving bitumen

Roofing bitumen

  • BNK 45/180
  • BNK 45/190

Construction bitumen