Petroleum tar is a byproduct of oil refining. Structurally, petroleum tar is a viscous black substance or an asphalt product of a harder consistence.

There is a fairly wide range of applications of petroleum tar. It is indispensable in production of roofing and construction bitumen, low-ash coke, heavy lubricating oil, fuel oil, motor fuel, combustible gases and other products.

«RUSSIAN BITUMEN» LLC sells wholesale petroleum products. Supply of tar is one of our main specialties. We are the official supplier of Rosneft, Russian oil company. We carry out wholesale trade of petroleum products, including delivery of goods to the customer's destination, directly from refineries of this company.

Every visitor to our website can order and buy petroleum tar at an adequate negotiable price. We use individual approach to every business project and charge prices depending on the volume of delivery, destination and specific character of the customer's business.

Deliveries are carried out in small and large shipments by road or by wagon loads.